Built For relationships

Your secret sauce to meaningful catch ups

Manage your relationships and build connections in one place (that is not your memory or a spreadsheet).

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a place for people in your life

Turns contacts into stronger relationships

  • Manage contacts and catch ups together for a unified history of interactions.

  • Organize your way with groups and tags, however makes sense to you.

  • Find people and everything about them instantly with people-centric search that gets to every field and interaction.

Recall what's important to stay on top of things

  • Take and save notes before, during, and after conversations to remember what’s important for follow ups or meetings in the future.

  • Set reminders for special days like birthdays or set custom reminders to reach out and stay in touch.

  • Get a consolidated view of their social activity for thoughtful conversations.

Why build this?

We are all in the business of relationships

...and wanting stronger relationships should not come at a mental cost.

Have you forgotten to follow up with someone even though you said you would? Lose touch with groups of people without meaning to?

Missed out on opportunities because you did not get to the right contacts quickly? Unable to recall past conversations before meeting a friend? Used a bunch of tools to remember but still forget the little details about clients?

I've been there before. It is currently where thousands of people are at too.

Instead of spending time trying to upkeep spreadsheets or searching from multiple sources and feeling unorganised, Ketchup enables you to be better at keeping in touch with people easier, search across your network quickly and take notes that you can always come back to any time — in one place.

Gail Lau


Make your network your net worth

I have fewer connections than before, said no one ever.

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